Pride in Pill Voluntary Environmental Group

Pride in Pill logoIn May 2014, Newport City Council stopped the bus service running along Commercial Rd in Pillgwenly (or Pill for short). Margaret Morgan had a conversation with Paul Murphy. They talked about the amount of litter along Commercial Rd and many other streets in the Pill area. Paul was very much in agreement with Margaret and decided that something should be done to tackle this ongoing problem. This is when the voluntary environmental group, Pride in Pill was formed.

Since then, the organisation has grown in size and awareness. They have organised litter picks and clean-up operations for over 100 festivals and various community events throughout South Wales. On occasion they also go around cutting overgrown bushes.

Free refreshments are included before and after every clean-up operation. Getting involved with the community is very fun and rewarding. It’s also a great chance to meet new people.

Award winners for voluntary service

Pride in Pill successfully won their first award in 2015. The Newport Volunteer Achievement Award, sponsored by This was a very proud moment for the environmental group and it’s handful of volunteers. Since then, other awards have been collected, including the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (an MBE for volunteer groups).

These awards were achieved with the help of a growing number of volunteers and support from Newport’s local businesses. Paul acknowledges that Pride in Pill would not have achieved so much without their support and he is forever grateful.

Pride in Pill voluntary environmental groupPride in Pill are still looking for volunteers to take pride in their community. They organise regular litter picks and environmental improvement days. To discover more about them, click on this short video link.

Pride in Pill’s purpose is to keep the local environment tidy. To find out more about becoming a volunteer call Paul Murphy on 07775 449683.

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