Sue Omar, Artist

Sue has always enjoyed art from a young age. She spent most of her childhood days drawing things as she saw them. Doodling on sheets of paper and cutting cards to create new things. Sometimes they would be so different from reality.

“Over the years my love for art has blossomed more and more. I can’t imagine my life without painting, creating, inspiring others and being inspired to share in the happiness I feel when creating art. My aim is to share the Art of Happiness“.

About the Artist

Sue Omar is a figurative, modern and contemporary abstract artist who expresses her spirituality through her work. Using acrylic and mixed media, she brings to light ideas and concepts that encapsulates spiritual happiness into a physical entity.

Going against the traditional definition of beauty, she sees all as lovely. “Nobody is perfect”, she sees flaws as unique, exceptions as special and variety as a delight of all things natural. Drawing upon her dual national heritage (Sudanese and British), she uses a collage of colours, reshapes and boundaries of shapes and colour as she expresses the unity and beauty in everything that appeals to and directly connects people. Her work is the purest expression of love and happiness in art.

People and patterns are at the very centre of what Sue creates. This is a style which she is constantly developing as an artist. Sue admits that she is always looking at ways to push her creative boundaries. However, for now, Sue specialises in the figurative abstract art form. African culture has also been an area of experimentation for Sue who is of Sudanese parentage and raised in Bristol, England. This explains why Sue mainly uses mainly African figures and parameters in her artwork. Enjoying the vibrant images in African art, and something Sue will be using more in the future. Happiness, enjoyment and people are at the very centre of this talented artist’s world.

Sue concludes by saying “I just want to use my art to tell everyone that life really isn’t that bad. Let us strive to appreciate what we have”.

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