The Logo St. Story

Back in September 2002, I left my home city of Bristol and moved to Cardiff in order to start a business. An internet cafe, way before starting BGlobal PR or Logo St. Marketing.

The internet cafe was a good business to have at that time. This was long before free internet and smart phones came about. Social media hadn’t evolved yet.  Sites such as MSN and Yahoo chat rooms were the in thing back in those days.

Establishing the internet cafe placed a huge strain on my relationship. I became married to the business and my ex fiancee married someone else. Looking back though, I’d say that we just wanted different things in our lives.

Anyway, whilst running the internet cafe for a decade, I gained interest in PR & marketing. Free internet started to pop up everywhere, people started owning smart phones and social media began to take off. Internet cafes were dying out and eventually we had to change our business module.

In the year 2010 a friend and I started a PR firm. We named it Cyber PR. I never really took it seriously enough and admittedly I was still a little ‘wet behind the ears’ with regards to marketing & advertising. I hardly knew what social media was about back then so I read up on the subject.

Eventually after about two years of starting, Cyber PR ceased and we decided to go our separate ways, but remained good friends. I got back into graphics design and IT working 9-5 for someone else basically, and he became a consultant in a marketing company and was still heavily involved in public relations with other clients and journalists.

Working a 9-5 job did not appeal to my entrepreneurial spirit at all. I still followed the marketing scene and started to take a growing interest in social media & video marketing. I found myself becoming thirsty again and I came into contact with Sean Wilson, one of the best marketers I knew.

The beginning of Logo St. Marketing

BGlobal PR was born. We started the foundation for BGlobal in 2013 and became a limited company by July 2015. We soon discovered new ways to help various businesses, musicians and organisations gain exposure. They were reaching their advertising goals whilst using our services. We engaged with various clients such as contractors and hairdressers to charities and even the Ethiopian Ambassador.

After a short while we gradually grew our clientele and Logo St. Marketing started soon afterwards. Although it has been a roller coaster of a journey, it has also been fun and rewarding in so many ways.

Our clientele grew and so did our network. Using social media and other methods, our network began to grow locally and then nationally. To date, we have a large network pool of creativity writers, journalists, clients and global contacts.

We began to recruit staff and utilise our network. Logo St. Marketing was then formed under the BGlobal umbrella, and we began to take PR & marketing to a new level.

Logo St is now in a strong position to handle your video marketing, advertising and social media. Along with our other happy clients, you can benefit from a cost effective marketing package too. Email us your requirements to find out more on how Logo St Marketing and BGlobal PR can help you too.

Author, Richard Eugene

Managing Director of BGlobal PR Ltd       @BGlobalPRLtd


Co founder of BGlobal PR