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Sue Omar, Artist

Sue has always enjoyed art from a young age. She spent most of her childhood days drawing things as she saw them. Doodling on sheets of paper and cutting cards to create new things. Sometimes they would be so different

10 Quick Tips for Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital age there is so much confusing information about social media marketing. The object of this post is to list 10 of the most useful marketing tips in an easy to understand format. Do you wish to turn

Logo St. Services

The purpose of a video marketing strategy is to attract and retain clients. The people at Logo St. are experts in PR & video marketing. Logo Street can assist in locating and addressing your target market. We do this by

10 Advantages of Animated Video Marketing

Start up and established SMEs such as builders, electricians, carpenters etc, seem to leave out animated video marketing strategies. Many of these types of businesses fail to grasp the importance of social media too. Ignoring social media or video marketing

Video Marketing. Should Tradesmen Really Bother With It?

Video marketing is very beneficial. However, it is often over looked. From builders to accountants and plumbers to solicitors, one thing is apparently clear. Research shows that so many of you rely on word of mouth to attract new customers.

Outsourcing Video Marketing & Social Media

In this blog, we’re going to briefly discuss some hints and tips about outsourcing your PR & marketing using video and social media. So basically, if your rivals are out sourcing their video marketing cost effectively, they will always be

VideoMarketing Tips

More and more businesses are starting to take advantage of video marketing for various reasons. Mainly though, it is desirable to generate more leads and boost engagement. People are more likely to buy from you after watching a problem solving

The Logo St. Story

Back in September 2002, I left my home city of Bristol and moved to Cardiff in order to start a business. An internet cafe, way before starting BGlobal PR or Logo St. Marketing. The internet cafe was a good business

5 Reasons Why Twitter Lists Are Great!

Many Twitter accounts miss out on the power of Twitter lists. They are so under rated. For some reason so many people hate them and detest being added to them. Why? I’m not quite sure. Yes, in some cases a

5 Reasons Why Creative Thinking is Beneficial For Your Company

So many firms take advantage of including creative thinking in their marketing, training, learning & development plans. On the other hand, so many well established big firms ignore the advantages of creative thinking for their esteemed employees. It’s a well