Printing, branding and marketing for Cardiff, Newport, UK and beyondAre you a start-up brand in need of exposure? Or perhaps you’ve established your branding but wish to expand your product line even further? BGlobal PR promises to pull out the heavy guns to make your brand a banging success!

Branding awareness whether it be exhibitions, trade shows, launch parties, TV and press coverage or celebrity endorsements. Even Associated Press, Reuters and magazine coverage! Let BGlobal PR take the stress off your shoulders.

All branding needs are different to the rest and competition is fierce. Making your brand stand out from the crowd is very much needed in order for your company to live long and prosper. The team at BGlobal are full of ideas in how to achieve this cost effectively.

Effective Branding

You need your target market to remember who you are. Remember that your competition want to be the "go to" guys when someone is searching for your product or service.

Have you ever used a professional agency whilst working on your brand? Are you implementing an appropriate colour scheme for your brand's marketing material? If you ever need help in branding, BGlobal PR are willing to hear from you.

Perhaps you already have a PR or in-house branding team. This is great. BGlobal can still work alongside them. Combining our contacts could even help your brand in the long run and in many cases can work out for the better.

For example, view the short promo ad below. Logo Street (which is a part of BGlobal PR Ltd.) will animate your logo, thus boosting your company's image.

The first initial consultation is free without any obligation, so now is a great time to get started. Once your budget is established, a branding expert will work alongside you to come up with the best possible strategy. Call BGlobal on free phone 0800 234 34 49 or send a message.

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