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pr agency marketing advertising Cardiff NewportBGlobal PR agency will provide you with a cost effective marketing campaign. A strategic plan geared towards your brand which will help your company gain exposure.

You will attract new business clients using video marketing along with flyers and social media. If your rivals are out sourcing their marketing, they will always be ahead of you in your game!

BGlobal PR will set the standards high and establish measurable objectives at the start of your campaign. Our clients have seen growth from targeted video advertising, printing and social media plans.

Despite being based in Cardiff, both UK and overseas clients are catered for. Therefore, your location is no problem at all.

BGlobal Marketing & PR Agency

Making your brand stand out from the crowd is very much needed in order for your company to go far. For PR clients wanting to get in the press, the media will be furnished with accurate information. Furthermore, this information will be on time.

Failing to run an effective PR or marketing strategy can be costly for your business in the long run. The sooner you outsource your advertising to a professional PR agency, the sooner you will reap the benefits.

Perhaps you already have an in-house PR or marketing team? This is fine because BGlobal can still work alongside them. Having an extra pair of eyes can also work in your favour, helping you discover new ideas.

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